Our essential goal is to provide the best clinical outcome for each and every patient.

At Conviva Physician Group, best practices are driven by clinical outcomes. Decisions are made by physicians based on professional experience, backed by research and analytics. As clinicians, we practice autonomously, focus on preventive care, and care for each individual patient with compassion and empathy.

Our Physician Experience

Group of Conviva physicians conversing
  • Clear Focus on Patient Care

    Conviva Physician Group is focused on the clinical delivery of patient care. Functions of operation are typically managed by a management services organization so physicians can hone in their focus on their patients and outcomes.

  • A Collaborative Environment for Physicians

    We encourage physicians to openly discuss ideas and findings related to patient care to enable the development of best practices and clinical consistency. A large focus is placed on research and education from the field and is regularly shared within our physician community. Conviva Physician Group utilizes a committee structure to facilitate input from physicians and implement clinical decisions.

  • Numbers are on Our Side

    Conviva Physician Group is a group of 400+ primary care clinicians, with over 800 affiliated specialists, that treats 200,000+ patients. A natural benefit to a group of this size and geographical footprint is the access to data that helps to inform best practices across our patient population.

We believe Conviva Physician Group sets new standards for patient care because clinical practice methods can be implemented across our large volume of patient interactions, then examined and validated. These clinical practices are studied and validated through peer-reviewed research to enable the creation of new standards throughout the industry.